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Sep 19, 2023 / 36:35

EP 80: Ghost Token

What if an GPC project OAUTH access token wasn’t deleted? This could expose databases to bad actors. Tal Skverer from Astrix discusses his DEF CON 31 presentation GhostToken: Exploiting Google Cloud Platform App Infrastructure to Create Unremovable Trojan Apps. Transcript here.

How do you conduct an incident response for an entire country? When it’s 27 different life-critical government ministries each with up to 850 individual devices -- that’s uncharted territory. Esteban Jimenez of ATTI Cyber talks about his experience with the reconstruction of the cybersecurity system following Conti, how the country handled a second ransomware attack from the Hive ransomware group, and we'll discuss what yet remains to be done to secure Costa Rica -- and other Latin American countries from future attacks. Transcript here.

What is is like to hack an entire country, to take it’s government services offline, to deny a government an ability to function? Costa Rica knows. Esteban Jimenez of ATTI Cyber has been helping Costa Rica improve its cybersecurity posture for more than 16 years, and he has been helping them recently recover from a crippling ransomware attack in April 2022 that hit 28 ministries of the government. Central and Latin America appear to be a new playground for bad actors testing new malware. But Central and Latin America are learning how to fight back. Transcript here.

Speaking at Black Hat 2023, Kelly Shortridge is bringing cybersecurity out of the dark ages by infusing security by design to create secure patterns and practices. It’s a subject of her new book on Security Chaos Computing, and it’s a topic that’s long overdue to be discussed in the field. Transcript.