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Bots are actionable scripts that can slow your day to day business, be enlisted in denial of service attacks, or even keep you from getting those tickets Taylor Swift you desperately want. Antoine Vastel from DataDome explains how it's an arms race: the better we get at detecting them, the more the bots evolve to evade detection. Transcript here.

You would think there is a procedure to End-of-Life a medical device, right? Erase personal health info. Erase network configuration info. Speaking at SecTor 2023, Deral Heiland from Rapid 7 said he found that he was able to buy infusion pumps on the secondary market with the network credentials for the original Health Care Delivery Organization in tact. In theory he could join that network as that device and potentially pivot to other parts of the HDO.  No good since there are 100s of thousands of these devices in use today. Transcript here.

With the recent Clop attack on customers of MoveIt, ransomware is now old news. Attackers are skipping the encryption and simply extorting the exfiltrated data, according to Thomas “Mannie” Wilken, from the Accenture Cyber Threat Intelligence Dark Web Reconnaissance Team. He should know; he spends his days on the Dark Web seeing the rise of new infostealers, deep fakes, and even the rise of OT technologies as potential targets in the near future. Transcript here.

Oct 17, 2023 / 35:09

EP 82: The Vulkan Files

Imagine a data dump of files similar to the Snowden Leaks in 2013, only this it’s not from the NSA but from NT Vulkan, a Russian contractor. And it’s a framework for targeting critical IT infrastructures. In a talk at DEF CON 31, Joe Slowick from Huntress, shares what a Russian whistleblower released in the form of emails and documents, and how we can tie some of that back information to some of the Sandworm campaigns and recent attacks against Ukraine. Transcript here.