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If you call someone on the other side of the world, perhaps you notice the delay in their response. For voice that’s okay, but for live music that’s disastrous.  Mark Goldstein thinks he’s solved the latency problem associated with the production of live musical performances online. Having one musician in Bangalore, another in California, and yet another in New York? No problem. Except, perhaps, for finding a mutually agreeable time for them to be awake and play together. 

Nov 09, 2022 / 41:36

EP 59: Hacking Hi-Tech Cars

Sometimes complex technology doesn't necessarily raise the barrier for entry for cyber criminals. Sometimes, as with our cars, it does the exact opposite. 

Oct 25, 2022 / 39:37

EP 58: Crimeware As A Service

The LockBit ransomware gang no longer offers just one service, like ransomware, but multiple services, like anti-analysis tools and bug bounty programs. Mick Baccio from Splunk’s SURGe explains how ransomware gangs are evolving into crimeware-as-a-service platforms, as a one stop shop for all your online criminal needs.

In this follow up podcast, I talk about encrypting your hard drive with Tails OS, using Virtual Machines, and other ways to keep your laptop secure. 

In my book The Art of Invisibility, I challenged my co author, Kevin Mitnick, to document various ways to keep your data private. This is a companion episode with episode 41.