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Aug 03, 2022 / 39:30

EP 52: DEF CON Villages

DEF CON is 30 years old this year, and it’s bigger and better in part because of topic-specific villages. Here’s an inside look at four of the most popular villages.

In this episode I’m talking to the organizers of the Lockpicking Village,the ICS village, the Car Hacking Village, and the Aerospace Village. And, there’s thirty more villages including Girls Hack Village, the Voting Machine Hacking village, the IoT Village, and the Bio Hacking village. In each you will find people with like interests. You will learn cool new things. And … you won’t be disappointed.

Jul 19, 2022 / 35:07

EP 51: G-Men In Cyberspace

Fighting organized crime online might seem like a logical extension for law enforcement, but, in fact, it is not all that straight forward. 


Michael McPherson is someone with 25 years in the FBI, who has transitioned out to the corporate world, and can best describe the experiences on both sides of fighting cybercrime.

Jul 06, 2022 / 42:40

EP 50: The Fog of Cyber War

There’s an online war in Ukraine, one that you haven’t heard much about because that country is holding its own with an army of infosec volunteers worldwide.

Mikko Hypponen joins The Hacker Mind to discuss cybercrime unicorns, the fog of cyber war that surrounds the Ukrainian war with its much larger neighbor, and of course Mikko’s new book, If It’s Smart, It’s Vulnerable. 

Jun 22, 2022 / 38:17

EP 49: LoL

Living off the Land (LoL) is an attack where files already on your machine, ie your operating system, are used against you. They would be undetectable, right? 

Kyle Hanslovan, CEO of Huntress, joins The Hacker Mind to discuss recent LoL attacks, specifically the Microsoft Follina attack and the Kaseya ransomware attack, and how important it is for small and medium sized businesses to start using enterprise grade security, given the evolving nature of these attacks.