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May 24, 2022 / 50:57

EP 47: Ethical Hacking

Is hacking a crime? The US Justice Dept says it will no longer prosecute good-faith security researchers, but what constitutes good-faith security research? 

Bryan McAninch (Aph3x) talks about his organization, Hacking Is Not A Crime, and the ethical line it draws on various hacking activities. He also talks about the future generation of hacking, what motivates young people today to think outside the box in a world where infosec is increasingly becoming vocational and expected.

May 11, 2022 / 01:04:19

EP 46: Reverse Engineering Smart Meters

After hearing a talk, a Dallas-based hacker set out to find out what was going on inside the smart meter attached to his home, and what he found was surprising.

Since then Hash started a reverse engineering wiki site called Recessim and created dozens of YouTube videos in a channel of that same name to chronicle his adventures. He joins The Hacker Mind to talk about his journey, about mesh networks, and even glitching. Like any true hacker, this isn’t his day job; this is his passion.

Can criminal hackers shut down a city’s electrical grid? Well, nothing’s impossible. But how might it actually happen? And how might we defend ourselves?

Tom Van Norman, co-founder of the ICS Village, joins The Hacker Mind to share the group’s upcoming plans for RSAC and DEF CON, where they will again present present virtual scenarios and hands on physical models of industrial control systems in order to expose hackers to their inner workings and to provide them with best practices to prevent potential threats to health, life, and safety.

Should infosec now be considered vocational training just like becoming an electrician or a plumber? How else should we address the skills gap in infosec?

In this episode, Sonny Sandelius, Assistant Director of the SANS workforce programs, talks about programs that recruit people from outside computer sciences, encouraging those from diverse backgrounds who share the curiosity and the basic aptitude necessary to become hired cybersecurity professionals in as little as six months.